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Vitamin drinks made from natural raw materials

Without artificial components for improving life quality and expectancy
Since 2011, they have been successfully used to power the RUSSIAN SPACESHIPS operating on the ISS
Multiple diploma winner of the All-Russian competition of the program «100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA»
ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: vegetables, berries, fruit, medicinal herbs

LLC RPC «Phytoproduct» is part of the GELIOS group of companies

LLC RPC «Phytoproduct» develops, manufactures and supplies functional drinks with an increased biological value for:

Food rations for Russian space crews working on the ISS;
The Russian Ministry of Defense and other security agencies (army rations);
The diet of pre-school and school-age children.
People living, working and performing military service in the extreme conditions of the Arctic (Vitamin drinks are included in the catalog of high-tech products for the needs of the Arctic and meet the requirements for polar nutrition in the Arktika Voluntary Certification system, they were awarded the quality mark «Made in the Arctic»)

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Guys, I'm here with another useful yummy. I often warm myself at work in the fall during the absence of heating with a locally produced vitamin drink.

The taste of the drink resembles mors.

The ingredients that make up the drink have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and improve sleep. Plus, they supply the body with vitamins and trace elements.

Pay attention to the completely natural composition: extracts (extracts) of northern cranberries and southern oranges, motherwort and St. John's wort, peony roots and beets, a little sugar and citric acid.

Without any GMOs and gluten.
Review from the site «Otzovik»: Anti-stress vitamin drink «Gelios» — A healthy yummy, for winter and autumn — just a treasure!