Set of phyto teas «Pomor Tea Party»

Set of phyto teas «Pomor Tea Party» includes 1 pack each of phyto tea: «Pomorsky», «Northern Aroma» and «Forest Glade».

lwh: 215x42x135 mm

Weight: 240 g

Drink Properties

Drink Properties

Vitamin phyto tea «Pomorsky» improves the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic processes in the body, normalises kidney and liver function, is used in anti-allergen and anti-tumour prevention, helps relieve physical and mental fatigue, removes toxins from the body.

Vitamin phyto tea «Northern aroma» has a calming and anti-cold effect, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves sleep.

Vitamin phyto tea «Forest Glade» has anti-inflammatory, general strengthening and biostimulating effect.
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