Set of vitamin drinks «ON THE ROAD»

Sets of vitamin drinks «ON THE ROAD» series include 1 sachet each of vitamin drinks «Toning», «Invigorating», «General strengthening», «Anti-stress».
Method of preparation
Drink Properties

Method of preparation

Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 200 ml of cold or hot boiled water and stir thoroughly. Precipitation of natural origin is allowed


Nutritional value: in 100 grams of powdered product - 64 g of carbohydrates. In a serving of a ready-made drink consists16 g.

Energy value: in 100g powdered product - 1070 kJ/256 kcal. It contained in a serving of the finished drink 267.5 kJ/64 kcal.

Shelf life: 36 months

Drink Properties

Vitamin drink «Toning» relieves physical and mental fatigue, improves performance, stamina and attention.

Vitamin drink «Invigorating» restores performance after heavy exertion, reduces hangover syndrome and improves well-being.

Vitamin drink «General strengthening» improves immunity and health, increases tone and speeds up the recovery process.
Vitamin drink «Anti-stress» relieves stress, calms the nervous system and improves sleep.
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